Orthoptics is a specialized field that focuses on the examination, diagnosis, and non-surgical treatment of various conditions related to binocular vision anomalies, strabismus (commonly known as 'squint'), and monocular functional amblyopia. Through a comprehensive approach, orthoptists work to improve and optimize visual function, promote eye coordination, and enhance visual perception for individuals with these specific visual challenges.

What is an Orthoptics Assessment?

They are a series of tests that determine an individual's overall binocularity. In other words, the ability to use the eye as a pair.

What are the most common binocular abnormalities?

Poor Visual Acuity

Unequal Visual Acuity

Accommodation Anomalies

Ocular Misalignment(squint)

Innervational Anomalies


Systemic Diseases

Mechanical Restrictions

Paralysis of extraocular muscles

What are the common symptoms seen in patients?


Blurry Vision


Eye Pain/ Strain


Near Work Difficulty

Heaviness of Eyes

Who will be carrying out the procedure?

An optometrist specially trained in Orthoptics and Vision therapy will be carrying out the procedure and explain the treatment according to your diagnosis.

How Amita Eye Care deal with Orthoptics?

At Amita Eye Care, we conduct a comprehensive series of tests to assess the status of binocular vision and effectively manage accommodative, oculomotor, and binocular vision problems. Our evaluation process begins with a detailed history taking to understand your specific concerns and symptoms. We then perform a thorough eye assessment and standard refraction to gather essential information that forms the foundation of your personalized treatment plan. By utilizing these diagnostic tools, we can accurately identify any underlying visual issues and develop an individualized approach to address and improve your binocular vision function.

What are the tools in Orthoptic assessment?


RAF Ruler: used to evaluate accommodative and convergence errors.

Prism bars and Loose prisms

Worth 4 Dot Test: Stereopsis and Diplopia Assessment

Titmus Fly Test

Maddox Rod Test

Assessment of AC/A Ratio

Dynamic Retinoscopy

Assessment of negative and positive relative accommodation.