Neurophthalmology focuses on the intersection of neurological issues and the eye. The optic nerve serves as the vital link between the eye and the brain, transmitting visual information. Disorders affecting the brain can impact the visual pathway and present in various manifestations.

What are the most common symptoms seen?

Most common ones are:

Visual Hallucinations

Migraine Headaches

Intolerant to bright light

Squint in Adults

What managements options are available in Neuro-ophthalmology?

We conduct a detailed eye examination and conduct specific special tests to formulate a plan for your treatment which includes:

Detailed eye checkup.

Diplopia charting

Visual Field Testing

Ocular Movement Examination

Optical Coherence Tomography of the Optic Nerve

Colour and contrast sensitivity

In certain cases, a thorough assessment of specific diseases may require additional diagnostic procedures such as fluorescein angiography, CT/MRI scanning, and consultation with a neurophysician. If you have any questions regarding the treatment procedures conducted by our experienced consultants, please feel free to contact us. For more information about our clinic and the range of treatments we provide, please visit our hospital Amita Eye Care.