Amita Eye Care takes immense pride in our specialized ophthalmic pharmacy, which offers a comprehensive range of medicines catering to the needs of our patients.

Operating during the regular working hours of the hospital, our pharmacy ensures convenient access to essential medications for our patients. We prioritize the sourcing of medicines solely from approved suppliers and reputable manufacturers, guaranteeing the highest quality and safety standards.

To ensure optimal storage conditions, our pharmacy is equipped with adequate facilities including shelves and refrigerators. Medicines with a long shelf life are stored under appropriate temperature control monitored by advanced temperature monitoring systems. This meticulous approach ensures the integrity and efficacy of the medications we provide to our patients, further enhancing the overall quality of care at Amita Eye Care.

Facilities Offered:

Fully Licensed Pharmacists

Variety of drugs to meet patients requirements.

Fully computerized transactions prescribed directly from the consultants.

Appropriate Pricing

Computerized Inventory Management System