Paediatric Ophtalmology

What is an Paediatric Ophtalmology?

Children possess unique characteristics and developmental needs that set them apart from adults, necessitating a specialized branch of ophthalmology dedicated to their care. As children are in a phase of rapid growth and their eye-brain coordination is still maturing, they require special attention when it comes to addressing visual disorders and maintaining optimal visual health.
At our facility, our dedicated paediatric ophthalmology team is committed to providing exceptional care and specialized services to children. We understand the importance of early detection, accurate diagnosis, and tailored treatment plans to support their visual development and well-being. With our expertise and compassionate approach, we are here to ensure that your child receives the specialized care and attention they deserve for their visual health.

What are the frequent conditions observed in paediatric ophthalmology?

Refractive Errors: like Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism

Squint: Esotropia/ Exotropia

Congenital Cataract

Congenital Glaucoma


Congenital Nasolacrimalduct Obstruction

Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP)

Ocular Infections

Ocular Trauma

Ocular Allergies

Why Eye diseases in Newborns need to be corrected?

Early intervention and prompt treatment are crucial when addressing visual issues in newborns. It is imperative to identify and rectify these issues within the first six months of the child's birth. Failing to do so may significantly increase the risk of permanent visual impairment that can persist throughout their entire life. By prioritizing early detection and timely intervention, we can effectively address visual challenges in newborns, providing them with the best opportunity for optimal visual development and long-term visual health.

What Management options do we administer for your children?

Paediatric Refraction under dilation and paediatric vision assessment methods

Squint assessment and evaluation of binocular vision

Amblyopia Therapy

Synaptophore assisted eye exercises

Management of all childhood infections and allergies

Trauma Services

LASER treatment for ROP patients

Spectacles and Low Vision Aids

Surgical management for children and Newborn include:

Phacoemulsification for Congenital Cataract

Intraocular LASER for RoP

Complex Squint Surgeries, including Recti and Oblique muscles

Syringing and Probing


Trabeculectomy in Congenital Glaucoma

Vitreoretinal surgeries and retinal lasers

Which is the best hospital for eye care in children?

Renowned for its excellence, Amita Eye Care stands as a premier eye hospital in the state, recognized for its unwavering commitment to the well-being and visual health of children. We deeply acknowledge the significance of healthy eyes and good vision in a child's overall development.

Our team of Paediatric Consultants surpasses expectations with their exceptional professionalism and extensive training. Moreover, we have cultivated a warm and friendly environment that ensures children eagerly anticipate their visits to the eye doctor. This approach fosters a hassle-free and comfortable eye check-up experience for your little one, providing peace of mind for parents and instilling a positive attitude towards eye care from a young age.